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Exhibiting & Presenting in Berlin at ITB

Jump To will be exhibiting at ITB Berlin, the world's leading travel tradeshow. This visit will also include a talk by Jump To on the future of media consumption, and a special partnership to be announced shortly. Our partners around the world will have their VR experience previews on show to the 10's of thousands of attendees.

Jump To Partners with Taronga Zoo

Jump To have partnered with Taronga Zoo to create a VR preview of the famous Sydney Zoo experience. Guests in local concierges can preview Taronga Zoo in virtual reality before they book, breaking down language barriers and creating a more engaging concierge experience.

First New Zealand Concierge Partner

Jump To have launched their VR Concierge Program in New Zealand with the first concierge partner: Jimmy Brisson at Heritage Hotel Queenstown. Jimmy is the only member of Les Clefs d’Or Concierge in Queenstown, and has already seen an increase in activity sales from using the Jump To VR goggles to show guests previews of local activities.

Concierge Partnership with Intercontinental Double Bay

Jump To have partnered with Intercontinental Double Bay to provide their concierge team with a VR headset to show guests previews of local travel activities. This enables the concierge team to break down language barriers and provide a more engaging experience for guests looking for things to do.

Concierge Partnership with Marriott Circular Quay

Jump To have started a concierge partnership with Marriot Circular Quay, enabling them to use Jump To VR headsets to show previews of local travel activities to guests. This helps break down language barriers and provide a more engaging, exciting way for travelling guests to see what there is to do in the local area.

Jump To Partners with Sofitel Darling Harbour

Jump To partnered with Sofitel Darling Harbour to create a virtual reality tour of their new hotel. For use by their sales and marketing teams, this new VR tour allows them to convey a preview of their property like never before, breaking down language barriers and creating and exciting experience for sales meetings.

Partnership with Sydney Conference & Training Center

Jump To partners with Sydney Conference & Training Center to provide their sales and marketing team with a VR preview of their property in both English and Chinese. This enables them to break through language barriers and provide a more exciting, more comprehensive overview of their facilities during their sales meetings.

Future Of Hotels Panel At NoVacancy

Jump To recently took part in a panel discussion at NoVacancy 2019. The panel was about the future of hotel distribution, how technology will impact the overall travel industry, and where industry leaders think we’ll be in 10 years time. This was a great chance to go into detail about our vision and the impact we predict VR to have on the industry.

Les Clefs d'Or Australia Annual Meeting

Jump To presented on stage at the Les Clefs d’Or Australia Annual General Meeting. This was a presentation on the Jump To Concierge Edition VR goggles which are free for concierges with no strings attached. They provide immersive, engaging previews of local travel activities to guests, and break down language barriers to help concierges.

Presentation On The eTravel Stage At ITB Berlin

Jump To recently presented at ITB Berlin 2019, discussing how they’re helping power and build a new era of travel planning through virtual reality. Covering multiple areas of the company, from how they partner with hotels and activities, to the new Jump To online platform.

Workshop At ITB Berlin Virtual Reality Lab

As part of ITB Berlin 2019, Jump To ran a detailed talk on how to implement VR in the travel industry in an effective and fair way for all activity providers and hotels. This involved detailed discussion and questions on how they manage to keep the filming process free, creating a better experience for travel businesses, and ultimately a better platform for travel customers.

Jump To Partners With Park Hyatt Sydney

“Jump To have revolutionised the way we promote, collaborate and integrate with our industry partners. The flexibility in Jump To’s offering provides an excellent opportunity to promote products in line with our ideologies as well as the avenue to allow consumers to be transported virtually to activities, destinations and experiences around the hotel. This industry-leading technology provides an edge to our competitors and gives our hotel guests the ability to get a true preview of tourism experiences.” – Jonathan Fambart, Chief Concierge, Park Hyatt Sydney.

Jump To Partners With The Grace Hotel

Jump To has partnered with The Grace Hotel to provide Jump To VR goggles for their sales team to use to showcase a recorded real-life tour of their property guided by one of their staff members. This enables the sales team to convey the same level of emotion and provide the same level of experience that would only otherwise be available from an onsite tour. They can now provide this experience anywhere in the world.

Featured At Ovolo The Valley Launch Event

As part of the launch of their new hotel, Ovolo The Valley, Ovolo Hotels invited Jump To to take part in the launch event showing attendees Virtual Reality tours of their other hotel properties. Everyone at the launch was able to see multiple Ovolo properties in Virtual Reality, providing them with a preview of the feeling and emotion of being there.

Partnership With Ovolo Hotels

Jump To has partnered with Ovolo Hotels to provide their sales team with Jump To’s proprietary Virtual Reality app and goggles. The Ovolo sales team use the VR goggles to show virtual tours of each of their properties. In VR, viewers can be walked around each property by an Ovolo employee, conveying the emotion that could only otherwised be conveyed with a real tour.

Jump To at Maximum Occupancy Conference

“Jump To was a fantastic addition to Maximum Occupancy 2018, quickly becoming a crowd favourite and one of the most visited stands during the exhibition. Their product is one which can truly reshape the travel industry. It’s high-tech, engaging, and can inspire people to travel better than anything in the industry today.” Gerard Smith, Business Development Manager at Maximum Occupancy.

Jump To Partners With The Langham Sydney

Jump To has partnered with The Langham Sydney to provide Jump To VR goggles for their concierge team to use to show guests previews of local travel activities in the area.

Jump To Launches Official VR App For Hotels

The new Jump To VR App specifically built for hotels has now launched and is available to Jump To Accommodation Partners. The app enables Hotel Sales teams to show real-life previews of their rooms and facilities through virtual reality, and enables their concierge team to provide exciting and innovative customer service by showing guests previews of local travel activities in virtual reality.

Now With Partners in USA, Australia, Bali, & NZ.

After just completing a recent expansion trip to the USA, Jump To now has over 40 partners on board from USA, Australia, Bali, and New Zealand.

Trialing In-Lobby Headsets With TFE Hotels

Jump To are now trialling in-lobby VR headsets with TFE Hotels. The VR headsets show a range of local activities surrounding the hotel, allowing guests to preview the local activities, book them in and plan their day. Instead of brochures, guests can see immersive previews of activities, making them easier to understand especially when there are language barriers with international guests.

Jump To Featured At TEDx Sydney

Jump To was invited to TEDx Sydney to showcase their VR headsets and the work their doing to create a new way of booking travel experiences. TED Talks are known internationally for their innovative ideas, and TEDx Sydney is the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation to the rest of the world. Jump To virtual reality headsets were available for the thousands of attendees to try out during the event.

Activity Partner Feedback From Balloon Aloft

Jump To provides a great way to showcase our experience to the overseas travel industry members. Jump To VR goggles are easy to use and provide a real sense of what a Balloon Aloft flight is like. The goggles were especially useful at ATE (Australian Tourism Exchange) with agents who spoke little English as we were able to virtually put them into a flight experience. Peta Hurley, Balloon Aloft.

Activity Partner Feedback From Delta Discovery

If you are looking to stay one step ahead of the competition, look no further than Jump To. Jump To is a truly innovative concept and we are excited to be a part of it. Using 360 VR, activity operators can give potential guests a real insight into their tour that conventional photos and video website content just cannot deliver. This WOW factor has already boosted our bookings and generated excellent feedback. Andy Aitken, Delta Discovery Electric 4×4.