The Future Of
Booking Travel

Jump To is a new way to plan and book travel. We film real life virtual reality previews of travel activities, hotels, and destinations around the world, so you can see a better perspective than a photo or review could ever provide. We then partner with hotel concierges so you can use our VR goggles during your next hotel stay.

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A Better Preview
Than Someone Else's Review.

We all travel differently, and we all like different things, so trusting random people’s reviews just doesn’t give you the full picture. There are also now millions of fake reviews on the web, which can waste your time. With a 360 VR preview, you can stand in the shoes of being there and make your own decision.

A Better Place
For Travel Inspiration.

We all know that feeling of being inspired from a travel photo or video, now imagine being able to stand there, in that video, and feel like you're there. Jump To provides a new level of travel inspiration, blasting into the the future of human media consumption and helping you find new adventures like never before.

Online Booking Platform Launching Soon

Real life VR previews of the world's best travel experiences.