A New Era In Booking Travel

See 360 Virtual Reality Previews Of Attractions & Destinations Around The World, Then Book Them All In One Go. We Provide A Better Perspective Than A Photo Or Review Ever Can.

A Better Preview Than Someone Else's Review

We all travel differently, and we all like different things, so trusting random people’s reviews just doesn’t give you the full picture. There are also now millions of fake reviews on the web, which means your decision can often be influenced by them.

With a 360 VR preview, you can stand in the shoes of being there. Make your own opinion on the spot and decide what’s best for you, the real you.

A New Place For Travel Inspiration

Want to stand in the shoes of someone in San Fran? Or get an immersive preview of the worlds best places to Ski? With Jump To you can explore VR previews of destinations worldwide, helping you find awesome places for your next adventure.

You can then save your favourite free & paid attractions to a personal itinerary, and book all your activities in one go. Organisation & Planning = Done.

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