Provide The Best Preview To Sell Your Activity.

We film your travel activity in 3D virtual reality. It's free to join.

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Your Activity on The Jump To Travel Platform.

Let people see your activity in 360 from any device.

There's no upfront cost, we simply ask for a 15% commission when we send you a customer.

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That's right, we film for free so there is no upfront cost. We only ask for a 15% commission when we send you a customer. Filming can usually be done on the back of an existing tour, so doesn't take long.

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Your Activity Displayed in our Concierge Network.

Concierge partners use our VR goggles to recommend activities to guests.

Optional: $100 per month to have your activity shown by our concierge partners in your city.

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Imagine you're at a hotel, you walk into the lobby, and instead of a wall of boring brochures, you can preview local activities in our VR goggles. That's our Concierge Network. By joining Jump To, your activity can be shown by our partner concierges in your city. Concierges can recommend your activity to guests in a more engaging and exciting way.

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VR Goggles For Your Sales Team To Use.

Break down language barriers, show a personal preview of your experience.

Optional: $299 per month. Includes use of customised VR app. Cancel anytime.

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The next time you're at a trade show, or presenting to a big partner, or even if you have your own shopfront, you can use our VR goggles to boost sales and provide a more engaging preview of your activity. Break down language barriers when presenting to international travel agents, or just blow the socks off your next meeting. You can rent our VR goggles with your activity loaded and ready to go. They're set up to be extremely easy to use. Just one button to turn on and you're done.

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" If you are looking to stay one step ahead of the competition, look no further than Jump To. Jump To is a truly innovative concept and we are excited to be a part of it. Using 360 VR, activity operators can give potential guests a real insight into their tour that conventional photos and video website content just cannot deliver. This WOW factor has already boosted our bookings and generated excellent feedback. "
Andy Aitken, Director, Delta Discovery New Zealand.

" Jump To have revolutionised the way we promote, collaborate and integrate with our industry partners. The flexibility in Jump To’s offering provides an excellent opportunity to promote products in line with our ideologies as well as the avenue to allow consumers to be transported virtually to activities, destinations and experiences around the hotel. This industry-leading technology provides an edge to our competitors and gives our hotel guests the ability to get a true preview of tourism experiences. "
Jonathan Fambart, Chief Concierge, Park Hyatt Sydney.

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Join the future.

We film for free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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